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10 best online photography courses

In the modern world, websites and pages are used widely to learn photography. People know that learners do not like to sit for hours in a physical class to learn basics. They need something short and valuable. Online courses are available all the time. So, whenever you get free, you can watch or listen to the videos to learn photography. Basically, it is not a simple process because it needs a lot of techniques and tools. You have to work hard to make your photography skills better and be professional in this field. Most of the people are always worried about how to learn photography because they cannot afford the physical courses. Their timings are not according to the people’s routine. To solve these problems, some of the experts used online platforms to teach photography. They created detailed videos that are available online. There are a lot of online courses that can help in learning photography.Here we are to make you aware of the best online photography courses. These are beneficial and save your time and energy. You can learn photography through these online courses. Following are the 10 best online photography courses discussed in detail;

1. R-photo class

This one of the best courses that are available on the internet and you can easily access this class. Photographers who are at the initial stage of learning photography can get a lot of stuff in this class. Intermediate photographers can also get some helpful material from this course.
Another important feature of this course is that you do not have to buy an expensive camera to learn the techniques. This course consists of 30 classes in which you are taught some basics. It explains practical things. The course has a lot of flexibility. You can work on your assignments according to your availability as these are not marked.

2. Annie Leibovitz Master class

In this class, Annie Liebovitz teaches photography. If you want to work on portraits, you will find this course the best one. This course website allows you to even buy the subscription at once. You do not need to pay again and again.
You will find more than 10 videos in this course. Apart from videos, additional material is also provided to make learners comfortable and skillful. The instructor teaches with the help of her portfolios as examples. She makes everything clear conceptually. Students give the best reviews for this course that may help you motivate yourself to join this course. Annie Leibovitz also comments her feedback for you that is very encouraging.

3. Beginners Start Here

People who just came into the field of photography can learn from this course. Basically, this course is for beginners as the title shows. The trainer and some other professional photographers discuss all the details of the camera and how its gear works. They also tell you about the setting of the camera and start shooting. As we all know that beginners need knowledge of basics like use and setting of a camera, this beginners’ course will help you start photography.

Scott Kelby is the instructor of this course and he always mentions his favorite lenses. It looks like informal training that gives you a friendly environment to learn with Kelby.

4. Learn Landscape Photography

Sometimes, people are aware of all the basics of photography but they need to get efficiency and command on outdoor photography. Landscapes are considered the best places for astonishing images. This course will help you in nourishing your skills using your kits of photography.
Ray Salisbury is the tutor and he makes learners use all the settings he uses. The important advantage of this course is that it can be downloaded and you cannot forget any step. You can bring all the instructions along with you whenever you go for outdoor shootings.

5. What the Flash? Controlling your light

Bob Davis is taking this course online. Photographers who deal with indoors shootings like party functions or weddings should learn this course. It is for low or dim lights that look aesthetic but do not give quality results.
In this course, Davis told about how to use flash when it’s dim light. When you use flash, you have to control light. You can get a lot of information about controlling light in this online course. Davis also helps you in getting most out of existing lights.
This course will help you understand lightning in photography and how to use different tools like gels, modifiers, and DIY. The instructor guides with the help of examples and once you are done with the whole course, you will be able to have control on photography however the light works.

6. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials training course

Adobe photoshop is one of the most useful softwares that is used by photographers to edit pictures. It is very important to learn the basics and essentials of Photoshop CC. This course is all about Photoshop and its use. Daniel Scott organized this course to teach you each and everything about Photoshop. You do not need to have any photography experience to take this course. The teaching done through projects in which you are provided with real-world examples that makes learning effective. You will be introduced to different tools and techniques of Photoshop CC.

7. A real wedding, live and uncensored – The ceremony and the reception

This course is also one of the best online photography courses in which explanations through examples are done. You cannot learn by listening to a video only. You need to watch everything with practical examples. Cliff Maunter is the instructor in this course and he only uses examples instead of explaining long theories. He hired a groom and a bride to make this tutorial. It is very helpful to get command. It is also highly recommended by many photographers. This course has two parts but you can watch only one as it covers the main and important topics.

8. Shaw academy photography course

This course is in webinar style and it is basically for beginners but advanced lectures are also present. The most important and noteworthy feature of this course is that you get your questions answered in real time. The instructor replies immediately. In this course, you will learn how to control camera and compositions. Camera control is essential especially for beginners because they do not know how to handle a camera. This is because there are some expert skills that beginners do not know. This course also provides you with a certificate after completion.

9. iPhone photography

This course is all about taking pictures through your mobile camera. As the technology is developing faster, mobile phones have now advanced cameras, so you do not need to buy an expensive camera and lens.
After completing this course, nobody will believe that you took a picture with your mobile camera. Dale McManus takes this course and his photographs are proof that you can use your iPhone for photography. From setup to post production, he shows you how to optimize your iPhone camera settings, shares composition secrets, and explains how to create depth, tell stories, use ambient light and how to professionally edit using Lightroom, for free. Many of the principles apply to Android phones, too, but the course is very much catered to iOS.

10. Macro Photography and focus stacking made easy

This course is best if you want to get command on macro photography. It teaches you how to use existing tools of camera and lens. You do not even need to buy a macro lens for macro photography. Presenter Nic van Oudtshoorn may not be a fountain of charisma, but he certainly is a fountain of knowledge. He shows you how to shoot small using any kit, from fixed lens cameras to cheap and cheerful lens hacks to high end macro optics. He also covers illumination, including how to turn your pop-up flash into a macro flash cheaply and easily. Crucially, he also covers focus stacking techniques to achieve that elusive depth of field in your macro shots. As we all know that e-learning has become a trend because it saves a lot of time and you can get knowledge anytime you are free. Online courses do not require specific time to be there and learn. The above mentioned course the best courses for learning photography online.