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How to center text in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is also used for document editing. This software has some features of editing documents and its text but it has more advanced features as compared to the Microsoft Word. There are some extra options in Photoshop to center text that makes your document look perfect. You can center the text itself as well as the text box horizontally and vertically according to your need. Centering a text is not complex either in Photoshop or in MS Word.
Centering text means adding text in the center of a line having equal space or margins from left and right sides. The meaning is very clear from the title. It is used for headings and short lines in a document. Centered text is always short and scanned so you do not need to have a lot of time to go through a single document. Like bullet points, centered text saves time and effort. A symmetrical format is given to your document after centering text.
Centering text is a simple process but it can be done in two ways. Both the methods will be discussed here in detail so either of them can be followed. Our purpose is to make our audience feel comfortable. We will provide you both the methods then you will be able to choose whichever suits you or easy for you.
This method belongs to the centering text on the canvas. It has following steps;

Step 1

Open the file you want to center text on. To do this, open Photoshop. Go to the file menu and choose the document.

Step 2

The Photoshop window is open and you can search for the Text tool. It will be given on the lower left side of the window. It is presented as “T”. Click on the icon and start writing text. Put this text on the center of the opened document.

Step 3

As you are editing text so you need to separate each of the layers. To separate layers, go to the layers panel that is given under the window tool. Put the text you want to center in its own layer and work with every layer individually. If you have 6 or 7 layers to center, you have to do it one by one. Otherwise, all the grouped and merged layers will get messed up.

Step 4

Now, go back to the window and click on the Marquee tool that is seen on the left side of the window in the toolbar at second number. A short menu will appear towards the right side. Select the first option that is “Rectangular Marquee tool”. This is a dotted square having a small triangle on the below right corner. After selecting this tool, drag it over the whole canvas to select it.

Step 5

Go back to the Move tool which is present right above the marquee tool. It is just a cursor that is moved around. Centering text tools are also present in it. This tool also shows how a screen is changed using different tools.

Step 6

An option bar will be shown on the upper side of the window after selecting the move tool. It has a lot of options along with aligning text options. Now select the aligning text option and align the text according to your desire.
There is an option “Show Transform Controls. On the right side of this option, you will find lines and boxes. These are the important things used for alignment of anything. When you put a cursor on each tool, it will tell you the function of that tool.
Only two of the tools are very significant and used wisely that are “Align Vertical Centers” and “Align Horizontal Centers”. The align vertical centers tool is used to equalize the space above and below of a text or document and the second tool is used to balance the margins from left and right sides.
Use these tools and align the text accordingly. It depends on you how much space you provide a text from above, below, left, and right sides. Centering text means all the four sides have equal space. So, keep in mind that while setting text horizontally, the space should be the same on both sides. It will center your text.

Step 7

Use the arrow keys to move text along straight lines, preserving your centering. Clicking and dragging text makes it almost impossible to hit the center. If you’ve centered multiple text blocks or images, but still need to space them out, use the arrow keys to move things along perfectly straight lines.
If you only press the down arrow, for example, you’ll preserve your horizontal centering. Use Ctrl-click (PC) or Cmd-click (Mac) to move the text by even smaller, more precise increments. These movements are always even. If you click the down arrow twice, clicking the up arrow twice will bring you back exactly where you started.

Method 2

This method is related to centering justifying text. It is a very simple and short method. Following are the steps;

Step 1

Open a file or an image in Photoshop. You can use an image with existing text but it will create problems as the layers are grouped or merged. So, adding new text will be easier.

Step 2

Add text on the file using the Text tool as I told above that it is given on the left side of the window. Click on that icon and start typing.

Step 3

When you select the text tool, an option bar is given on the upper side of the window. This bar is almost similar to that one seen in MS Word. Font size, typing styles, and spacing options are also given as in MS Word. If you put a cursor on these options, their functions will appear. Click on the center text option given in the middle of justifying and left-aligned options. Click on that and your text will be centered.
Remember that before using the options, select the text you want to center first. Only the selected text will be centered and if you did not select any text, nothing would be changed. These are the two simple methods to center text in Photoshop.