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8 Best Websites for Photographers to Sell Photos in 2021

Now-a-days there are many ways to sell online photos. There are various types of websites for photographers to sell photos online. Among them, we have listed the top 8 best websites for photographers which are very popular and well-known to all. In these platforms you can sell your exclusive and ordinary photos online and make money.

1. Shutterstock


Shutterstock was established in 2003. From that time it has achieved much popularity. They have more than 200 million images, videos and still, the number is increasing significantly. Shutterstock has already paid almost $500 million to photographers around the world. You can get paid on a monthly basis from Shutterstock and the commission rate is 20-30% for each image download. You can also earn from this stock photography website up to $200 by referring to a client. It’s a perfect place to sell photos.


  • A huge amount of royalty-free images
  • Automatically scan videos
  • Perfect for Youtube projects
  • Cool user interface
  • Easy approval process


  • Very expensive
  • The free images may not be exactly the same according to your search

2. 500px


500px is another best marketplace to display your photos and create a free portfolio. They have around more than 15 million photographers. It is a large marketplace to earn money by selling your photos. It’s like a photo E Commerce site. 500px provides you an opportunity to compare your images price and check image clicks. You can earn up to 60% by selling your photographs in exclusive mode. Besides, 500px arranges contests to earn more. It’s one kind of stock agency, where you can take advantage of payment structure and full control of sale price. Just upload photos and start sale.


  • It has a great position
  • Ownership is well protected
  • Provides analytical and tracking services
  • Free portfolio creation


  • Limited sales options
  • No online community

3. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the outstanding drag and drop stock image marketplaces and a great place to sell my photos. This platform has been providing services for more than 10 years. It is the leading marketplace to sell your photos online. The most amazing thing about Adobe Stock is its royalty share. It ranges from 20%- 60%. You can just drag your photo, wait for the upload, and add tags and keywords. This site will take a maximum of 1 day, to give you feedback on your images. So this is the best and reliable marketplace to sell your photos. This user friendly photo selling site will allow you to sell photographs unlimited number of times with free account.


  • No need to give exclusive selling rights to images
  • You can sell images here and other marketplaces also. 
  • Easy to find indispensable images
  • Has lots of options


  • The payment scheme is not well
  • The cost of premium photos is high

4. iStock


iStock photo is a fantastic platform to sell your stock images and earn a smart amount of money from your photos. You can get a 15% commission by selling your image on this website. Initially, this amount seems very low for photographers. But it can increase by up to 45% if you achieve much popularity. In exclusive mode, you can earn a commission between 22% – 45%. The process of joining iStock is very easy. So join iStock today and start selling your images online.


  • The perfect marketplace for beginners
  • Renowned site
  • Earn up to 45% in exclusive mode
  • Offers resources to understand well


  • The purchasing process is complicated
  • Needs improvement for user experience
  • Extended licenses are high-expensive

5. Dreamstime


Dreamstime is an ideal and one of the best stock photo sites for selling photos online. The commission rate of this marketplace starts from 25% for non-exclusive options and 27% for exclusive options. On the other hand, you can submit a payout request when you will earn $100. Another awesome feature of Dreamstime is that you can curate your galleries. It will enable you to make a proper control over your photos selling online. So start working today in this competitive marketplace. 


  • Excellent platform for a start-up
  • Simple requirements to set up
  • Commission increases, if your sales increase


  • Doesn’t allow uploading unlimited photos
  • The payout system is not easy
  • Low Commission rate

6. Alamy


Alamy is another outstanding marketplace for selling stock photos. The most attractive feature of this marketplace is, it pays the photographers 50% for a sale. Alamy protects the author’s rights and therefore you will not face any copyright issues. Alamy has paid $180 million to photographers worldwide. Although they pay a good percentage of commission to the photographers, they don’t force you to sell your photos in exclusive mode. It’s one of the best stock sites to sell exclusive images and make money selling images.


  • Amazing commission rate
  • No copyright issues.
  • Find lot’s of images


  • Inflexible review system
  • People gave some bad reviews

7. Etsy


Etsy is a popular marketplace to buy and sell handmade products. This platform enables you to sell digital photos. Because Etsy has a large number of visitors and potential customers who are looking for this type of photos. Moreover, Etsy offers a handbook that will guide you to know better about branding and marketing. So undoubtedly, this stock photo website is an ultimate platform to enhance your photography business and earn profits. Any professional photographer will like the website to sell their photos.


  • More than 30 million potential users 
  • Best for selling handmade goods
  • Maximum products are unique


  • Needs marketing
  • Challenging for the newbies

8. Bigstock


The huge platform to sell stock photos online is Bigstock. A stock photographer can earn up to 30% by selling his stock images in this stock photo site. In this sense, he can earn $0.25-$0.5 for each image download. This stock photography site has a very easy joining system and they have more than 43 million royalty images. The most amazing feature of this marketplace is the credit system. Customers can purchase content from this stock site by using the credits for per image.


  • Simple payment method
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Easy setup system
  • Different ways of making money


  • Difficult to find quality images
  • Automatic enlargement of photos while scrolling
  • The price is a bit high

Final Words on Best Websites for Photographers to Sell Photos

Moreover, there are more stock photography sites such as Fine Art America, Co Op and Getty Images to sell your photography. You can also use these stock photo websites if you want to sell your images. We can assure you that the above websites are really best places to sell photos in the age of digital downloads, social media and online store. So if you intend to sell of your photos, then you can select any one from the above. Now upload your photos and start selling.