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10 best online photography courses

online photography courses

In the modern world, websites and pages are used widely to learn photography. People know that learners do not like to sit for hours in a physical class to learn basics. They need something short and valuable. Online courses are available all the time. So, whenever you get free, you can watch or listen to … Read more

How to Become a Stock Photographer

how to become a stock photographer

Turning into a stock photographer is not a hard task. The worldwide stock photography platforms help your photographs to be highlighted on websites, magazines, papers, articles, online journals, and blogs. Moreover, if you have a decent comprehension of how ISO and shutter speed works, so there is a possibility of being acknowledged to destinations like … Read more

Design a Fun Baby Announcement Template in Photoshop

baby announcement template

Planning to create a baby announcement template? But it isn’t a simple task. Because you need to follow some crucial steps and utilize functionalities in Photoshop. So today we’ll handle this task and guide you thoroughly on how to design a fun baby announcement template in Photoshop. Baby announcement template layout Figuring out how to … Read more

How to Become a Nature Photographer

nature photographer

Nature photography is a well-known and most passionate field to work. However, it also helps you to explore our planet that others may miss. So it is an amazing way to enjoy the beauty of nature. At the same time, nature photography can be a great career path. Because if you can become a professional … Read more

Gimp vs Photoshop vs Lightroom 3 Apps Compared

gimp vs photoshop vs lightroom

In order to editing photos and high-quality images, 3 software are always remarkable for their outstanding performance. Photoshop, Gimp, and Lightroom. People are using this software for a long time. But have you ever thought of comparing these 3 apps? So today we will explain in detail about Gimp vs Photoshop vs Lightroom so that … Read more

Gifts for Photographers Under $50 in 2021

gifts for photographers under $50

Are you looking for the best gifts for photographers under $50? Yes, it is possible to get the best gift item in your budget. There are many photography gifts for your favorite photographer. In this blog, we are going to discuss the affordable and budget-friendly gift ideas. Check the products listed below and find the … Read more

Best Photoshop Actions for Photographers in 2021

Best photoshop actions for photographers

Photoshop actions give a specific adjustment to a photo. If you use photoshop, you can apply beautiful effects on a photo very quickly, instead of going through to finish similar works manually. You can make your photos stunning using set of photoshop actions. There are a wide range of Photoshop actions such as oil painting, … Read more

8 Best Websites for Photographers to Sell Photos in 2021

Websites for photographers to sell photos

Now-a-days there are many ways to sell online photos. There are various types of websites for photographers to sell photos online. Among them, we have listed the top 8 best websites for photographers which are very popular and well-known to all. In these platforms you can sell your exclusive and ordinary photos online and make … Read more

20 Best Free Fonts for Photographers in 2021

best free fonts

If you want to edit your photo and put some text on it, there are plenty of free fonts for designers and photographers that you can use. As a result, the image will be more attractive and deliver the message clearly to the users. But you can’t simply utilize any font with your photographs. You … Read more

15 Best Double Exposure Photoshop Action for Pro Results

Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Double exposure is a famous Photoshop action that is currently being utilized in advertising, web designs, film banners, and print media. At the earlier stage, photographers created this effect utilizing their cameras by merging a silhouette photo and a fill photograph. But now the effect has been developed and gives you more control and opportunity … Read more